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At LOINS, we strive to create a learning environment where everyone is welcomed and respected. We believe in fostering a safe space for our students and faculty to learn and grow, regardless of their backgrounds. Our school is open to applicants of all nations, and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of fair and equal treatment for everyone who applies.

Student wirting and Learning

Our  Process 

Our admissions process consists of an entrance exam and interviews. All prospective students will be required to take the entrance exam and be interviewed by our admissions team. During the interview, we will assess the student's academic abilities and other skills such as communication and problem-solving. We will also evaluate the student's personality to ensure that they are a good fit for our school. Once the admissions process is completed, we will notify the student of their acceptance status. It is our goal to ensure that all admitted students have the potential to excel at our school.

Step 1

Legal guardians are encouraged to book a tour around the school and meet the
administration for any queries or clarifications.

Step 2

Guardians have to fill an application form online or on premises and provide theschool with the needed documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 3

Guardiens are then asked to pay the fee for our admission test. After fee payment the admission test will be scheduled.

Step 3

Once the applicant passes the exam, it is preferable that parents or legal guardians book the seat immediately and make the needed payment. Applicants might lose the chance to enroll in the school later on if their spot was not reserved immediately.


• Tuition fees do not include added value.
• The first payment is 50% and is due in July, the second is 30% and is due in November, and the third is 20% and is due in February.
• Total tuition fee includes educational resources, uniforms and activities.
• The sibling discount is calculated as follows: the eldest sibling pays full tuition fees, the second sibling pays 5%, and the third sibling pays 10%.
• 5% discount for children of graduates.
• Early payment: 3% discount in addition to any other discount.
• Sibling discounts cannot be combined with other discounts.
• All discounts will be canceled in the event of delay in payments for two weeks from the specified time.
• Discounts do not include books, uniforms and other fees, only basic tuition fees.
• The admission test and application form are non-refundable (500 Saudi riyals).

• The file opening fee is 3000 riyals, paid once upon new registration.

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